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As mentioned earlier, the Recycle Bin is a logical structure a data dictionary table named RECYCLEBIN$. You can view the contents of the Recycle Bin for the currently logged in user via the USER_RECYCLEBIN view (RECYCLEBIN is a synonym for USER_RECYCLEBIN). Alternatively, you can view the contents of the Recycle Bin for the entire database via the DBA_RECYCLEBIN view. The following code shows an example of the latter: SQL> SELECT owner, original_name, object_name, ts_name, droptime FROM dba_recyclebin; OWNER ORIGINAL_NAME OBJECT_NAME TS_NAME ---------------------------------------------------------------------sam PERSONS BIN$xTMPjHZ6SG+1xnDIaR9E+g==$0 USERS At the user level, you simply select from the RECYCLEBIN view, instead of the DBA_RECYCLEBIN view. You can also use the SHOW RECYCLEBIN command from SQL*Plus: SQL> SHOW RECYCLEBIN ORIGINAL NAME RECYCLEBIN NAME OBJECT TYPE DROP TIME ---------------- ------------------------------ ------------ ------------------LOGIN_INFO BIN$5oAI+vnANcTgNABgsLLCaA==$0 TABLE 2005-06-29:15:48:31 TEST5 BIN$+rR0/h2APITgNABgsLLCaA==$0 TABLE 2005-06-29:15:44:53 SQL>

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To do the keystroke processing, we have to first set up the terminal using stty. We then obtain keystrokes using the head (or dd) command, as described later in this chapter. Here, setting stty with the -icanon switch disables canonical mode for terminal manipulation. This changes input data from being read as a whole line to a more fine-grained byte-based input. The first two attributes of the icanon switch (erase and kill) enable the special characters that will erase the last character typed and erase the current line, respectively. The last two attributes (werase and rprnt) aren t very common. The werase attribute enables the special character that will erase the last word typed, whereas rprnt enables the special character that redraws the current line on the screen. For more information, review the stty man page.

The CAN_UNDROP and CAN_PURGE columns of the DBA_RECYCLEBIN view tell you whether you can undrop and purge an object, respectively. The SHOW RECYCLEBIN command shows only those objects that you can undrop.

As you can see, when a table is moved to the Recycle Bin, Oracle assigns it a system-generated name, which is usually 30 characters long. If you wish to query an object in the Recycle Bin, you must use its new system-generated name, enclosed in double quotes: SQL> SELECT * FROM "BIN$xTMPjHZ6SG+1xnDIaR9E+g==$0"; NAME -------------------valerie alapati sam alapati nina alapati nicholas alapati shannon alapati SQL>

To configure the /FU compiler switch in a Visual Studio 2005 project, you can add an assembly reference to the project. This can be done with the dialog shown in Figure 3-1.

Oracle renames all objects in the Recycle Bin, including any dependent objects such as indexes, constraints, and triggers. When you recover a table, Oracle will recover the dependent objects as well, but they ll retain these cryptic system-generated names, so you will need to rename them appropriately. In order to find out which of your tables are currently in the Recycle Bin, you can simply query the DBA_TABLES view. A table that was dropped and is in the Recycle Bin will show a YES value for the DROPPED column, and NO otherwise.

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